Delivered with Care

Complete Delivery Solution knows that it’s essential for patients to receive timely care. That’s why we’re on call for scheduled and time-sensitive deliveries at any time, day or night.

We are well versed in specific vehicle and service requirements needed to serve the health care industry, and we adhere to HIPAA guidelines to protect patient privacy. From pickup to delivery, we can be counted on 24/7 to fulfill your scheduled and emergency needs.

Medical Equipment & Supplies

Complete Delivery Solution helps durable medical equipment and supply companies deliver products to physician practices and hospitals, as well as home-based patients. From oxygen tanks to medical devices, we provide stat service to make sure patients receive prompt care.

Hospitals and Practices

Services for hospitals and physician practices include transporting medical records, devices, x-rays and specimens. Our drivers are familiar with delivering private patient information and entering and exiting sensitive patient areas.

Retail Pharmacy

In a dynamically changing marketplace, consumers seek convenient solutions that save time. Pharmacy delivery services for retail stores is becoming increasingly more important as consumers turn to online delivery services to meet their needs.

Complete Delivery Solution is a market leader in medication delivery, averaging more than 150,000 prescription deliveries every year. Through our service, we are helping retail pharmacies reach patients with timely delivery of medications, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Healthcare Expertise

CDS provides around the clock
healthcare delivery services, including:

  • Durable medical equipment and supplies
  • Medical specimens and lab work
  • Patient health records
  • X-rays
  • Medications


Service for Scheduled and Emergency Deliveries


Correctional Facilities using CDS Healthcare Delivery


Retail Pharmacy Pick-Up locations in 2018


Medication Deliveries Annually

CDS Puts your Delivery Services on Cruise Control

Around the Clock Support

24/7/365 contact center ensures we are there whenever services are needed.

95% of all call are answered directly by an agent, without an IVR system, to get you the fastest service possible.

Administrative Time Savings

Receive one invoice consolidating multiple carriers, greatly reducing reconciliation and payment processing time.

Save time with API integration, or use our portal, for order submission and tracking.

Quality Assurance

Dedicated team of research analysts assess your needs and continuously monitors competitive pricing and reliability.

Vetted Network

We put our service partners through a comprehensive credentialing process that includes background checks and on-going review of insurance coverage, saving you significant time and providing peace of mind.

Cost-Effective Rates

Having couriers in each market creates competition and results in cost savings.

Our couriers compete for volume based on price so you yield volume discounts that can’t be obtained individually.


Our powerful technology platform enables you to easily place and manage on-demand, same day and scheduled deliveries.

Through API integration, we can connect our system to yours for seamless employee and customer experiences.