Going the final mile

Complete Delivery Solution provides on demand, same day and scheduled delivery services to get time sensitive packages delivered when you need them most. Orders are placed through an easy to use portal that enables immediate scheduling and pricing of all your delivery requests.

When you partner with us, you gain access to over 3,000 courier partners nationally, providing coverage in 85% of U.S. zip codes. Plus, we continue to grow – assessing needs and expanding to meet new market demands.

CDS has comprehensive coverage in every major city, but we are equally well positioned to get the job done in mid-sized and rural markets. Our network is unmatched in the ability to help you go the final mile to reach your customers.


Support for Your Delivery Needs


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Complete Delivery Solution courier partners understand that not all deliveries are simple.

From standing in line at a pharmacy waiting for an insurance issue to be resolved to waiting in the rain at 2 a.m. outside the guard shack at a jail, our partners and call center work hand in hand to deal with special attention deliveries all day and night.

We deliver everywhere―from airports, to golf courses, malls, ski resorts, construction sites and in-home hospice patients―nothing is outside our boundaries of service.

A Single Partner

For Your Nationwide Needs

Because of our extensive coverage, Complete Delivery Solution eliminates the hassles of organizing different transportation partners in every city. Having multiple couriers in each market creates competition and results in cost savings as couriers compete for volume based on price. When partnering with CDS, you can yield volume discounts that can’t be obtained individually.

From Augusta, Maine to Honolulu, Hawaii, each of our partners adhere to the same set of service level agreements so that you have a consistent experience regardless of location.

How it works

Working with Complete Delivery Solution is easy. From pick-up to drop-off, we provide complete transparency throughout the process so you can be with us every step of the way.

Three simple steps is all it takes:

Enter pick up / drop off location

Enter delivery details and dimensions

Hit submit!

There are no upfront costs or subscription fees, so you only pay for deliveries placed with us. What business wouldn’t benefit from a nationwide courier network at its fingertips?